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vent Gift oxes

By Wonderfully Made Gifting Company


What We D

Based out of Sioux Falls, SD, Wonderfully Made Gifting Company exists to make memorable gifting simple. We do this through offering easy-to-shop, luxury gift boxes, handwriting your cards for you, and shipping your gift directly to you or your recipient

Ways To Use Our Services

If you're in need of just a few gift boxes at a time, we encourage you to check out our website! Shop our Pre-Designed Gifts section for the easiest shopping experience where you can customize the lid of your gift box with something meaningful to your recipient. Shop Build-A-Box to customize a gift for your recipient even more, and choose items you know your recipient will love. Shop the Keepsake Boxes if you want to either gift a memory box to your recipient, or you have your own gift items, but need a beautiful, customized box to place them in.


If you're in need of 20+ gifts of the same design, please reach out to us for our Custom Gifting services! Through this service we will create a unique-to-you/your-event gift that your recipients will love and cherish!

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